The boom of the Chinese app Tiktok has changed the social media marketing landscape especially in Asia. Tiktok lets its users easily create personalized ads based on its intuitive advertising tool. 

Since TikTok’s popularity is increasing each passing day, more and more brands consider this app an essential tool for their social media marketing

Let’s elaborate some of the top benefits of using Tiktok as a digital marketing tool and why Tiktok Marketing is widely used by brands globally.

  1. Create marketing content easily like a pro – TikTok mainly thrives on viral content. You need a strong theme or audience connection to make your brand super popular. All this can be easy when you use the best video editor. Top-class video editors, such as InVideo, lets you design a video in a format suitable for the platform you wish to upload to. 

You can also use simple reels coming from other social media platforms to promote your brand in Tiktok. TikTok videos must be vivid and fast-paced. 

  1. Get monetized while promoting your brand/product – Users with creator status can get their contents monetized while promoting their brand. This is through Tiktok Creator Fund that lets users hit certain prerequisites to join the program and start receiving money from the platform. The monetization will depend on the number of engagements they get from their content. But definitely, your contents will be monetized once Tiktok Ads are tied to them.
  1. Reach your target audience – In social media marketing, finding the right audience is crucial. TikTok Marketing lets you reach the audience that matters the most for your brand. Still, you have to be very specific of your content choices in order to get the audience you want to initiate with. You need to find your niche and build with it.
  1. Be a Tiktok influencer while promoting brands – TikTok has emerged as a hotspot for influencer marketing. A recent study shows that influencers on TikTok have an engagement rate of 17.96%, while the same figures for Instagram and YouTube stand at 3.86% and 1.63%, respectively. Hence, roping an influencer to speak positively about your brand can have some serious benefits.An influence may talk about your products or services in the video. They may also post your website link in the video description and motivate their followers to visit your website and/or purchase your products. 
  1. Tiktok Marketing just makes everything easy – There are countless benefits of using TikTok for Business to market your brand. With TikTok’s predominantly youthful demography, you can connect and engage with many audiences. TikTok for Business is an incredible all-in-one platform for advertisers. You can get everything you need to launch an impactful marketing campaign. Whether it is creating an ad or setting a budget, finding the best audience, or evaluating data, TikTok for Business lets you achieve everything you want from your video marketing campaign. TikTok for Business enables brands to test their creative acumen while designing marketing campaigns. And, if you need help in creating authentic, eye-catchy ads, the e-learning center (Ads Manager) is all set to make you more informed.

Tiktok as a social media marketing tool is an excellent place to identify the latest trends to further your business or brand’s goals. Its algorithm makes it easy for beginners to create engaging and relevant content and connect to potential customers.
Now that you know some of the many benefits of Tiktok Marketing, it’s time to talk to us at and let’s build your business and brand through strategies tailor fit for your needs.