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4 Essential 2021 Facebook Trends For Marketers


Good content online means making the most out of the Facebook Ads trends for 2021.

And since there are almost 3 billion users on Facebook around the world, new trends can come from anywhere.

For this reason, we’ve listed 4 essential trends for 2021 that you need to know.

Keep reading to learn how you can grow your brand online!

2021 Facebook Trends

female doctor welcoming the public while she makes a video blog about her clinic work

1. 2021 Facebook Trends: Videos For The Win

Video has been the favorite type of content of users for some time now.

It’s also one of the ways people connected with each other last year.

Video is also one of the best tools you can use for your online marketing.

Because of this, you may need to have a video marketing campaign this 2021.

Tip: Since most social media users are on their phones, you need to make your videos fit the smaller screen.

That’s why you should make your videos either square or vertical; and don’t forget to add the subtitles!

Phone addict couple looking on smartphones

2. 2021 Facebook Trends: Make Your Facebook Ads Personal

One of the benefits of taking your brand online is metrics.

This helps you learn more about how your customers work.

Additionally, metrics can help you find more insights into your customers. In effect, this will help you write more personal content.

This will be important for your brand as we go through 2021.

Tip: Segment your customers! This will let you know the different kinds of customers you have and how each of them speaks.

Smiling young woman using mobile phone at outdoor cafe.

3. 2021 Facebook Trends: Let your Customers Engage with You

The pandemic has changed the way people use social media.

Users now look for brands that match their values.

This means that it’s now more important for brands to show their values to their customers. Also, users will engage with brands more because of it.

For this reason, your brand needs to be more open about what it stands for to keep up with the times.

Tip: Let the personality of your brand show! Use it to stand out from your competitors.

Gathered at digital tablet

4. 2021 Facebook Trends: Digital Is The Trend for 2021 and Beyond

Since more people were online last year, going digital is now more important.

Brands responded to this in many different ways.

For example, brands held live streams and virtual conferences.

More people can interact with your brand when you’re online.

This is why going digital might be more than a trend.

Tip: Give your customers exclusive perks for joining your events!


Brands are always trying to get the attention of users.

Making the most out of these Facebook trends is the best way you can make your customers pay attention to you.

Check out our article about why you need to know how to use these Facebook trends for the new year!

Does your brand need help with making the most of these trends?

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