Grand Cafe 1919

Client Grand Cafe 1919
Year 2019
Role Food Photography
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Nestled right at the heart of Manila, Grand Cafe 1919 brings in a unique coffee and dining experience. Their handcrafted coffees are made from imported and locally sourced coffee beans which are freshly grounded every day and they serve a variety of meal options from around the world—from Chinese to American to Italian, to satisfy your every craving.

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Aside from taking pride in its culinary creations, Grand Cafe 1919’s crown jewel is found in its walls as found its home in the 100-year old HSBC building at the corner of Juan Luna and Escolta. A structure that is teeming with history and brought to life with a touch of modernity.

Feel the magnificent and rich history of the Philippines and have your fill of the finest dishes that Manila has to offer.

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