BNI Philippine National Conference 2022

BNI PNC 2022

Business Network International - Philippines National Chapter or BNI - PNC is part of   the world’s largest business referral organization that serves and provides an unmatched global business networks to over 288,188 members worldwide.


Last May 26 to 27, 2022, BNI - PNC held its national conference entitled “BNI PNC 2022: Positively Impacting Business Communities”  online in order to provide it’s members an opportunity to learn new business skills from the leading business leaders around the world.


Streamlined Campaigns as been chosen to host and supervise the event - from planning to the conduct of the program on the day itself.  The BNI - PNC National Conference was able to seamlessly launch the event into the lime light through strategic digital announcements and invitations posted through their digital channels and enjoy an increase in number of attendees  to the event through easy registration via the event website. On the day of the event, attendees were ushered into a virtual convention centre where they can easily roam and attend different programs easily.