With the continuous growth of technology and our dependence on the digital landscape, digital media has evolved from just static content to full video and other digital marketing materials and promotions that can be viewed via a wide array of digital platforms including electronic media, mobile phones, computers, podcasts, applications etc. 

Businesses and people use digital media for various purposes including information sources, entertainment, games, business etc. It provides a very useful platform from the business perspective. Majority of the customers are now using digital media extensively. In some industry sectors, this number is very high hence from a business perspective, understanding and use of digital media becomes very important.

Whilst digital media is similar to traditional media in terms of its availability to deliver content and value to audience or potential customers, digital media on the other hand is totally digital in nature that the effectiveness of your campaign can be measured easily, highly interactive and shareable. 

The importance of going digital

Almost every hour there’s something new in the digital landscape; new sources of content and the user base to explore rise. Through the last decade there has been a significant rise of businesses based on digital platforms such as upcoming radio stations, e retail websites, logistic companies, search engines etc. and so is the use of marketing in digital platforms increasing. 

Digital media does not only provide relevant content, it also delivers content in a speedy, timely manner and highly customizable as in the case of social media marketing whereas it is reachable to common masses through television advertisements. Email marketing and SMS services also provide yet another good medium of marketing content to customers.

Traditional media like TV, print and radio are measured limitedly to sampling and surveys but in digital media, the effectiveness can be measured and observed in real time. Subscribers of a video channel or listeners of a podcast can be measured in real time helping the publishers improve the content instantly. 

The real time interactivity and social media marketing effectiveness of digital media makes it important for businesses to start using them in addition to traditional media. 

Digital media isn’t just being used for marketing purposes but also for sales as it became a sales channel as consumers can also buy different items from digital channels.

Advantages of Digital Media to your business 

Digital media is proving to be the pioneer in marketing platforms as it is highly cost effective and the turnover ratio of customers is relatively high compared to other platforms. It gives impactful results to businesses.

It helps you connect better to your audience 

Digital media does not only help you promote using different content types, it can help you connect to your target audiences quickly by engaging them with contents that relate to them, answer their questions and resolve their issues. You can interact with your audience real time, so you can converse with them and know their wants and needs. 

This will give you better connection and engagement to your existing and potential followers and customers.

Drives sales

It does not matter whether you’re running a small, start-up or big business; digital media allows you to create content types that will get the attention and engagement of your consumers. Through social media marketing, you can leverage your content and promote your products and services, and it helps you target specific demographics that need your products, and those who will be interested in your brand. 

This cost-effective method will drive more sales while spending less and refining your target audience.

Establish brand identity

Your content will help you set tone and establish your own brand identity. This will vary on how you communicate with your audience on different platforms and how well your content is crafted. Remember that you’re positioning your values based on your brand. Also remember that every social media platform has different demographics, so you have to choose what platform can best work for your business.

Nonetheless, establishing brand identity will be easier using digital media and its various tools to set your business up for potential customers.


Going digital does not have to be complicated at all. We can help your brand to launch marketing efforts across effective digital channels. Get in touch with us at streamlinedcampaigns.com and let’s help you go digital in one go!